Local Facility. Local Impact.

San Joaquin Renewables production of RNG will add value to the local economy by creating cleaner air, high-paying jobs, and a higher value for orchard waste in the San Joaquin Valley. San Joaquin Renewables was founded in 2018 as a project entity to build a plant that will convert orchard residues into renewable compressed natural gas (CNG) to fuel trucks, buses, and other CNG vehicles. CNG is a cleaner-burning alternative to diesel and gasoline. In fact, vehicles running on renewable CNG can have lower emissions than electric vehicles, making it the obvious choice to reduce vehicle emissions.

In addition to providing a high-value, clean-burning transportation fuel, San Joaquin Renewables will provide a value-added outlet for the excess of biomass in the San Joaquin Valley. In the San Joaquin Valley, the open burning of spent orchard trees adds pollution to the already poor air quality. The first project by San Joaquin Renewables will use spent orchard wood, almond shells, and pistachio shells to fuel the production facility.

San Joaquin Renewables’ facility will be located near McFarland, California. The facility is expected to begin operations in 2021. San Joaquin Renewables values our neighbors in the San Joaquin Valley and is committed to being one of the best neighbors in the valley. If you’re interested in learning more about what we are doing and want to participate in this exciting project, get in touch with us at info@sjrgas.com or (661) 927-0005.

Be A Part of the Solution

San Joaquin Renewables invites you to improve your environment and economy through investment in this local project. Please join us to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

“Despite significant efforts, the South Coast and San Joaquin air basins still experience some of the worst air quality in the nation.”

Alexis Strauss, Acting EPA 9 Administrator

“San Joaquin Renewables has the best approach I’ve seen for converting Setton Farms’ pistachio shells into a valuable product.”

—Jeff Gibbons, Grower Relations Manager


Frontline BioEnergy San Joaquin Renewables has contracted Frontline BioEnergy to provide engineering services including a process design utilizing their proprietary gasification technology. To learn more about Frontline BioEnergy, please visit frontlinebioenergy.com.