Every year,

hundred of thousands of  tons of

biomass are burned for lack of a

better solution. This releases

particulates and greenhouse gases

into the atmosphere.


our McFarland plant will take that

waste biomass and convert it into

natural gas, reducing the need for

outdated and environmentally

damaging disposal systems.

When compared to the emissions from agricultural burning, our plant will have


less particulates,

less NOx,

less CO,

 and less VOCs.

  • One of the Cleanest Fuels

  • Interchangeable With Traditional Natural Gas

  • Can Be Used in Existing Pipelines

  • Significantly Lowers Emissions

Through systems like the creation of biochar and subterranean carbon wells,

In everything that San Joaquin Renewables

does, we strive to improve quality of life

here in the valley, throughout our nation,

and around the globe.

If you are interested in becoming part of this solution, get in touch with us!