In most ways, renewable natural gas and fossil natural gas are identical.

However, they do have one major difference: their origin.

Fossil Natural Gas                   vs.

Fossil natural gas is pumped from          wells deep in the earth’s crust

Renewable Natural Gas

Synthesized from renewable resources such as municipal waste and biomass

Despite their different origins, the gases are

chemically  equivelent. Both are composed primarily

of Methane (CH4) with traces of Ethane, Propane,

Butane, and other gases. Because they have

identical composition, RNG can be transported using

the existing nationwide natural gas pipeline network.

Many Utilities Are Using Renewable Natural Gas:

Utility companies have begun using renewable natural gas in their pipelines to

champion a greener California. All gas injected into the pipelines must meet high

standards. SJR’s gas will meet the specifications of SoCalGas Rule 30.