A Solution for the San Joaquin Valley

The Valley faces issues of excessive waste biomass, poor air quality, and would benefit from California-produced biofuel. San Joaquin Renewables provides a solution for all three of these issues. This project will provide an outlet for waste biomass, reduce pollutant emissions, and produce renewable natural gas.

Fact 1: The Glut of Biomass

Pistachios, almonds, and crops like them are in high demand, but meeting the demand results in an excess of woody biomass that has few places to go.

Fact 2: Poor Air Quality

The San Joaquin Valley is shaped in a way that traps pollutants. Pile burning and vehicle emissions are two big contributors to the poor air quality in the Valley.

Fact 3: Demand for Biofuels

California has a growing appetite for cleaner fuels with a low greenhouse intensity.