Join the Webinar That Will Introduce the San Joaquin Renewables Project

Later this summer, San Joaquin Renewables will sponsor a series of bimonthly webinars that will introduce the SJR project. Investors, environmental groups, and residents of the San Joaquin Valley are welcome to join the seminar through Zoom. San Joaquin Renewables will speak about the environmental and economic impacts of the project. You can sign

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RFS Pathway Approved for San Joaquin Renewables

On May 11th, the EPA division of air quality and transportation reviewed and accepted SJR’s D3 RIN Pathway Petition. The EPA agreed with the petition in terms of the displaced fuel, the cellulosic content, and the alternative fate of biomass. The letter of approval states, Based on our assessment, CNG produced through the San Joaquin

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San Joaquin Renewables Begins Environmental Permitting Process

San Joaquin Renewables is working with California on environmental aspects of the project in order to begin construction on the plant. The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is the largest set of environmental regulations that SJR is working with. CEQA is designed to protect the environment and ensure that projects like SJR’s sufficiently keep

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San Joaquin Renewables Purchases McFarland Project Site

San Joaquin Renewables now has site control for the project. On October 24th, the city council approved the land purchase. The property is 80 acres that sits directly on the intersection of a high-pressure natural gas transmission line and a lower pressure natural gas distribution line that are both owned and operated by Southern

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San Joaquin Renewables Joins Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

San Joaquin Renewables is excited to announce that we have joined the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition). Our membership in the coalition will facilitate business relationships with others in the RNG industry.  The RNG Coalition politically advocates for its members and advocates for legislation beneficial to America and RNG producers. The RNG Coalition

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San Joaquin Renewables Receives Technology License from Frontline BioEnergy, LLC

San Joaquin Renewables is thrilled to announce its partnership with Frontline Bioenergy, LLC. San Joaquin Renewables believes that Frontline BioEnergy’s Biomass into Natural Gas (BING™) process is the best available process to convert orchard waste in the San Joaquin Valley into natural gas that can be used as a transportation

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