Frontline BioEnergy Successfully Completes Extended Pilot Test Campaign

Frontline Bioenergy,  the engineering and technology compony developing the San Joaquin Renewables project, just announced the successful completion of their extended pilot test campaign this summer. Not only did the test make renewable natural gas meeting all pipeline quality specifications, but it validated their unique technology and processes to inform their commercial-scale plant design.

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San Joaquin Renewables Secures $165 Million to Build Flagship RNG Project

Today, San Joaquin Renewables announced the finalization of funding agreements with Cresta Fund Management. This will further the development of the renewable natural plant in McFarland, California. To read the story, visit our press release on Newswire.

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San Joaquin Renewables Community Workshop

From 7-8 pm on Tuesday, July 20th, San Joaquin Renewables will host a public workshop for any community members interested in learning more about the project. Attendees will receive the chance to speak directly with project developers, hear about the environmental and economic impacts of the project, and ask questions about implementation. The event

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San Joaquin Renewables President TJ Paskach Speaks at Renewable Gas Webinar

On March 18th, Thomas Paskach, the President of San Joaquin Renewables, spoke at a webinar on renewable fuels. The webinar, titled “New Opportunities to Convert Biomass ‘Waste’ to Renewable Methane and Green Hydrogen,” features the opinions of industry leaders on biomass conversion technologies. In his presentation, Dr. Paskach discussed the issues created by excess biomass

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Wildfires Rage in California Through September

Wildfires in California have destroyed 4 million acres of forest so far in 2020.  The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) stated in an interview with the associated press, that as of October 4, the state has seen more than 8,200 fires this year, with 31 fatalities and more than 8,454

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California’s Governor Signs AB 3163

On September 30, California governor Newsom signed AB 3163 into law! This law, previously known as the Salas bill (AB 3163) changes the definition of “biomethane” in Section 650 of California’s Public Utilities Code to include thermal gasification-derived gas.   This law is not specific to any utility and as such generally grants statutory pipeline access

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San Joaquin Joint Tariff Approval

On September 21st, we received confirmation from SoCalGas that their interpretation of the Standard RG Interconnection Tariff includes approval for our renewable natural gas to be injected into the SoCalGas pipeline. This followed the CPUC approval of Rulemaking 13-02-008 on August 27, 2020. We now meet the updated definition of "Renewable Gas" and we

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Join the Webinar That Will Introduce the San Joaquin Renewables Project

Later this summer, San Joaquin Renewables will sponsor a series of bimonthly webinars that will introduce the SJR project. Investors, environmental groups, and residents of the San Joaquin Valley are welcome to join the seminar through Zoom. San Joaquin Renewables will speak about the environmental and economic impacts of the project. You can sign

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RFS Pathway Approved for San Joaquin Renewables

On May 11th, the EPA division of air quality and transportation reviewed and accepted SJR’s D3 RIN Pathway Petition. The EPA agreed with the petition in terms of the displaced fuel, the cellulosic content, and the alternative fate of biomass. The letter of approval states, Based on our assessment, CNG produced through the San Joaquin

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San Joaquin Renewables Begins Environmental Permitting Process

San Joaquin Renewables is working with California on environmental aspects of the project in order to begin construction on the plant. The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is the largest set of environmental regulations that SJR is working with. CEQA is designed to protect the environment and ensure that projects like SJR’s sufficiently keep

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